Enterprise Cloud Report 2015


Inside the State of Cloud Adoption and Impact in the Enterprise

It's time to recognize that cloud technology is quickly becoming the primary IT solution for global organizations.

What does enterprise cloud adoption look like today? How are businesses transforming as a result of adopting cloud technology? Where is cloud computing headed over the next few years, and what are the problems we need to address?

In order to answer these questions and understand how IT teams are adapting to keep pace with the demands of their ever-changing organizations, Accenture conducted a survey on the state of cloud adoption in the enterprise.

This report features of 30 data points on the impact of cloud computing based on answers provided from over 200 survey participants. These survey participants, who include IT, marketing, sales and business development executives at the director level and above, span geography (with the strongest representation from the North America, Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions) and industry (with the strongest representation from manufacturing, professional services, media, retail, real estate, utilities, transportation and healthcare organizations). Additionally, nearly 80% of these respondents identified their level of influence as either a key decision maker throughout the organization or a key influencer on technology purchases.

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